Of Burgers and Bikers

As I mentioned previously, food on the road can occasionally be a problem. This has become more of an issue since we crossed the Rockys: now it’s burgers or nothing. Burgers, of course, can be great, so the challenge is to find the best burger place in any given town. Here some rules of thumb:

  1. Avoid chains. Chains guarantee quality, and for 95% of chains, that means low quality.
  2. Find a place that’s frequented by locals. They will know.
  3. Finally, all else equal, choose the place that also serves beer. Even if you’re not gonna have one. If they target adults, their food tends to be better.

During our trip we make the interesting observation that the places we end up eating at, using the above criteria, tend to be places that are frequented by bikers. Neither of us expected to have much in common with the Harley crowd, but apparently we do! Thesis: Bikers are a well connected community, so news about good and bad places travels quickly and reliably within that community. Hence: quality is higher.


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