Getting there

Now, you may have guessed this already, but we have finally made it to Ann Arbor. Yes, there are more than a thousand miles between The Badlands and Ann Arbor. And I’m sure there is stuff to see along the way, but we didn’t stop for any of it. Our last two days on the road were literally days on the road.

The recovery program, if nothing else, contributes to slowing down traffic all over the country through endless stretches of road work. Despite the success of freight trains in the US, I-80 is clearly a major truck road, at least in the Midwest. Just before leaving Iowa we pass by Iowa 80 – the world’s largest truck stop. In short, driving is not pleasant.

We spend the night in Illinois, and the next day brings another six hours of driving. But we make it in time to pick up our keys to our new apartment, and all of a sudden we have arrived in Ann Arbor.


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